Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Te haerenga ki Te Pae o Te Rangi farm

          Te Whakatipu Kākano trip to Te Pae o Te Rangi farm
 We just need to start the day off with a karakia and a waiata then hop on the bus to go to Te Pae o Te Rangi farm.
We hopped on the bus to go to Te Pae o Te Rangi farm.
On the way to Te Pae o Te Rangi farm we were practicing our songs before we got there.
We just arrived and we are getting started to plant trees.
Matua Riki was giving us some information
about the mountain and telling us what happened to our other plants from last year and showed us where we were planting.
Matua Joe was showing us how to put the plants in to the ground.
When he was finished showing us then we went in our little groups with our parent helper and planted two hundred plants in total.
When we got back to school we ate. 

Invitation to our Matariki hākari


Alexus' Matariki Invitation to her whānau   
This term Te Whakatipu Kakano has been learning about the  environment. How Māori relied on the whenua for growing kai and did karakia to Rongomatane and Papatūānuku.  We learnt that the whenua was used for cooking so the second part of our inquiry was to explore the hāngi. 
During writing we wrote invitations to our whānau. We planned, drafted, proofread, edited, shared and published our writing on google docs. 

Ko tēnei tētahi pānuitanga ki toku whānau. Haere mai, nau mai toku whānau ki te hui whānau, ki te hui o Matariki. Nā Alexus

Monday, 2 July 2018

checking and monitoring our gardens

                                  Nga māra kai

Alexus and Moana are making a new cover for the garden.  E hanga ana a Moana rāua ko Alexus i te uhi hou mō te mārakai.

Michelle, Moana and Alexus are putting our new cover on the garden.
Ko Michelle Ko Moana rātou ko Alexus e tuku ana i te uhi hou ki runga i te māra kai.

        Taniko is doing a wonderful and amazing job                              watering the plants.
Kei te mahi a Taniko i tētahi mahi whakamiharo                   ki te whakawai i ngā otaota.

Michelle is modeling the fabulous gardening we have been  doing. 
Kei te whakaatu a Michelle i tā mātau mahi.

         Almost finished just need to put the pegs on.
Tata mātou ki te mutu. Kua mutu ngā peke.

Finished now we just need to keep watering the 
Kua mutu tā mātou mahi  otira, me whakawai kōutou i nga  otaota ia rā ia rā.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Ngā māra kai o Te Whakatipu Kākano

Kei te whakarite mātou i ngā māra kai mo te whānau. Me keri mātou i ngā wahi tika .
We have to prepare the gardens marking out the frames and making sure the two gardens can fit in the area. All of our classes went to collect the community bark to line our gardens.

We watched a video on how to grow a raised garden and then made sure we knew what the process would be to complete the gardens. As you can see the area is clear.

We worked hard by ourselves during play time and lunch time it was awesome.

We planted silver beet, lettuce, carrots, beetroot, broccoli and a range of herbs. 
In term 4, the vegetables should be ready to harvest. Yum!

These were the herbs we planted in our wall gardens which included thyme, oregano, basil and a range of spring onions. Have a look at the wall gardens we made out of recycled butynol. We painted them and made pockets to grow the herbs. We had three groups working on the wall gardens.

Our inquiry was about growing kai in the whenua so we decided to plan a Matariki hāngi. The whenua is used as a way of cooking kai in traditional and modern times. Our whole whānau participated in the preparation of our hāngi. 

Whaea Les was in charge of the steam pudding.
 Our hāngi consisted of two types of kumara, riwai, kapeti, mīti poaka, mīti heihei, whakakīkī paraoa.
Our Matariki hākari was to start at 6pm that night. We decorated the hall and our whānau came to celebrate with us, what an awesome time.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Our completed art sculptures

Anahera and Moana

Xiao Mei, Alexus and Tuputaingakawa


Terrain and Mattie -Jae

Tipene is finishing off our art sculptures by vanishing them. 

Leonides, Enuka and Taniko

Tailour k and Steiny

Science experiments -Ngā tūhuratanga pūtaiao

We presented different science experiments in our small groups. 
The experiments related to the different parts of the water cycle.
Condensation, transpiration, evaporation and precipitation.

We were the mad scientists. It was great.

Pumice sculptures


We collected pumice along the shores of Taupō. We created sculptures which represent ourselves. These sculptures were our kanohi. We planned, sketched the designs and then used nails to carve our kanohi. Once we finished the designs we used skin toned paint.

 We had so many pumice pieces that we created pou which would be added to the bottom of our kanohi sculptures. We thought they looked pretty brilliant. 

Come to our class to look at our sculptures.